Sunday, March 11, 2007

A mixed bag of luck accounts for the pause on posting. My father ended up in the hospital last week, but along with the rough, I got the invitation to be one of the authors at Pittsburgh's big Festival of Mystery and my favorite smarty pants magazine contacted me about writing reviews. I won't jinx that one yet, but will post a link when they start to show up and the checks clear!).

But, enough about me.

The Meadville Tribune is asking for reader's to answer the question, "Will having 32-foot high derricks placed at the four entrances to Titusville become a tourist draw"? I'm having trouble believing the city government is even seriously considering it.

The Pittsbugh Post Gazette profiles Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh's elementary instrumental music program "believed to be the largest band program for Catholic school elementary pupils in the country."

The Bring it! Trade fair is a good way to get your handmade goods, media, and other info out to those drawn to the festival. Be a part of spreading locally made wares and awareness in conjunction with likeminded speakers and events.

Do current US copyright laws favor powerful entertainment corporations? Is a highly restrictive copyright environment protection of creative work or a muzzle? Head to Pittsburgh's You're Not the Boss of Me festival to find out. 2-days of performances, screenings and lectures based around Carnegie Mellon University's College of Fine Arts Building includes artists, critics, lawyers and filmmakers who will discuss copyright,criminality, fair use and transgression in contemporary American culture.

Local crafters and artists also have the chance to participate in Panty-Palooza: Declare the Unmentionable Stiff Competition 2007.
This year, we'd like you to help cultivate the art of political underwear. We're inviting all artists, knitters, sewers, sculptors and other crotchety crafters to create some seriously crafty crotches. Of course,the world isn't made of boxers, briefs, and cone bras alone - all creative expressions of intimate politics and political crafting welcome!

To find out more, or indicate your intent to submit an entry, please send an email with your name, email, address, phone, fax and email. Submit your crafty item, political piece, sculpture or other type of artwork to 933 Liberty Avenue , Pittsburgh , PA 15222 by May 24th, 2007. Entries will be displayed at Panty Palooza: Declare the Unmentionable at the New Hazlett Theatre on June 14th. The winner will be announced the evening of the event which is a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Western Pennsylvania Action Fund.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette discusses a problem that Venango County faces as well - not enough marketing of the artists to the average family.

The NY Times takes exception to the New Yorker's portrayal of the Poetry Foundation (which I referenced here a few weeks ago).

Why do Cleveland museums put on blockbuster shows "while their Pittsburgh counterparts seem to be sitting on their hands?"

A new William Carlos Williams poem has been found.

The Wall Street Journal answers the question, "How does a band end up being featured on iTunes"?

PETA2 is offering two scholarships which seem to skew arts-centric.

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Peter A. Greene said...

Hope your dad is okay. And I'm envious-- I wish a smarty-pants magazine would call me with a writing gig!