Thursday, March 01, 2007

45 people showing up for a poetry slam in the middle of a Thursday afternoon. Not too shabby I tells ya!

Tomorrow's Venango Campus free film is L'Enfant. Show starts at 7:30 pm at Rhoades Auditorium and is free of charge. Nice.

A disturbing film about a young Belgian couple and their newborn child, L'Enfant tells a heartbreaking tale that is less about love than about the possibility of moral redemption. Sonia (Deborah Francois) is a sweet teenager who has just given birth to Bruno's (Jeremie Renier) child. Instead of visiting her and seeing their baby in the hospital, Bruno sublets her apartment to "friends" who slam the door in her face when she tries to return home. We do not know what Sonia does for a living, but we know she's diligent enough to maintain a small apartment and keep her pantry stocked with instant soup. Bruno, on the other hand, refuses to take a job. Instead, he leads a gang of thieves who're approximately half his age (and height). Still, Sonia loves him. And Bruno, who may be incapable of love, enjoys the carefree benefits of having a girlfriend who doesn't expect too much. All this changes when Bruno does the unthinkable--he sells their child. Overnight, Sonia changes from a little girl to a bitter woman who no longer excuses Bruno's behavior. In his quest to return the child to Sonia, Bruno attempts to become a better human being. But the viewer is never left with the satisfaction of knowing that he will ever be able to truly redeem himself.

Rolling Stone has anointed Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifia as a breaking artist. Of course, the City Paper knew about this last October:
Pittsburgh is a hatin' city," Khalifa says with a wry smile. "It's hard to be an artist, 'cause you might be from this area, and these other people will fuck with you 'cause you're not from that area. And if you're from East Hills and you go to Hazelwood and try to sell your CD, it's not gonna happen. You're probably gonna get stomped down and shot."

Don't I know it.

"Pittsburgh Sound" (mp3)

Speaking of Pittsburgh, singer/songwriter Erin McKeown is playing the South Side's Club Cafe 7 and 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Tickets are a very affordable $14 advance; $16 at the door; 412-323-1919.
"To The Stars" (recorded live at WYEP) (mp3)

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette now has four(!) music blogs; None of which really seem to be that, you know, interesting...

The Erie Zoo is reopened. It's open at 10 am every day until 5 pm.

The Roadhouse Theater production of Glengarry Glen Ross is scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm March 2-31. Admission: $12 - $20. (814) 456-5656.

Wayne Brady, the guy who helped to ruin Brit TV's Whose Line Is It Anyway will perform his one-man show on Saturday, March 3 at 8 pm in Allegheny College's Shafer Auditorium. Tickets are $10-$20, but you'll never get your self-respect back

The Erie SeaWolves are having National Anthem tryouts (for singers, not for a new anthem, although not a bad idea, might I suggest This Land is Your Land . Or Crazy Train. I just am so split on this.)Sunday, March 25 at Erie's Millcreek Mall. For more information about the National Anthem tryouts, please contact Carol Trumbo at (814) 456-1300 or via email .

Amazon has dumped $1 million in the book networking site Shelfari. I'll stay with Librarything, thank you very much.

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