Monday, February 19, 2007

The V Word is Venango County's Vegetarian and vegan support and awareness group. The site is distressingly low on, you know, content, so the best bet may be to friend them on MySpace and wait for updates. I can, however, tell you that they are looking for "people to hand out materials in support of animal rights and vegetarianism" at the February 25th Newsboys Concert at 7pm at Grove City College

Which actually freaked me out for a variety of reasons - The Newsboys? they're still alive?! (As it turns out, I'm way out of the zeitgeist here, these guys are booking arenas!) Followed with "Grove City College"? Are you guys crazy? If I were a member of Peta2 (and who's to say I aren't, thank you very much.) I'd rather face a thousand drunk SRU frat boys than a crowd of conservatives going to see an 80's has been Christian band. Once more into the breach dear friends. Godspeed.

Since it's President's Day, you'll want this comprehensive list of the Presidents on The Simpsons.

Speaking of such, ever wonder what Washington looked like as he stomped through the Western PA wilderness taking and receiving potshots for and from the natives? Me either, until I read this.

Finally, I think we all knew the marriage between NasCar and Harlequin had to happen, I just wish it could have benefited local writer Jamie Denton.

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