Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Say what good you will about all the festivals in Venango County, they also leave huge piles of stinking, rotting trash that draw insects and bored , ill-mannered children (both of which are equally repulsive in my book). Now The Pittsburgh Green Music Festival group hopes to author an official set of rules approved by environmental experts for a festival being certified green. Lets hope the local authorities sit up and take notice so that we can market our area as an emerging green municipality.

I'll be MCing a poetry slam tomorrow, Thursday March 1st at noon in the Student Union of Butler County Community College. Drop by if you have a chance.

Speaking of our neighbor to the south, The National Players' production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" that was to have been performed on Saturday, March 24 at 8:00 PM at BCCC's Succop Theater has been canceled.

The Titusville Herald covers Polk's Main Street Market weekly bluegrass get-together.

The Meadville Tribune profiles local geocachers.

The Music Library Association and the Society for American Music are holding their annual convention in Pittsburgh this weekend. Paper tiles include "Get Hip Records and the History of Pittsburgh Punk" and "African American Opera in Pittsburgh: The Impact of the National Negro Opera Company".

Pittsburgh area tenor D. Kenneth Davies has released a new CD that benefits the future Welsh Nationality Room at Pitt

Salon asks, "Are cookbooks obsolete"? But the better question may be, "Are articles asking if books are obsolete obsolete?" Yes. Yes, they are.

Show Showdown is a blog detailing four guys racing to see who can see the most Theatre in 2007. I'm...stunned.

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