Thursday, January 04, 2007

The region's foremost nature photographer, John M Karian, took time to answer my search for Jerry Sowden prints:

I've purchased prints at the Transit Fine Art gallery. His work is now available at Victorian City Art and Frame

Thanks John. And thanks for dropping by!
Victorian City Art & Frame can be found at
1273 Liberty Street
Franklin, PA 16323
(814) 437-9509
(800) 909-1444

While you're there, pick up some of John's work as well!

I've updated the Venango County Author's Bibliography to include my new book, Masterpieces of Beat Literature ; Jill Mattson's book, Transformative Power in Sound, Intelligence, Health and Energy through the Magic of Music; John M Karian's Allegheny Waterway and Wetland Splendors and Allegheny Wetland Splendors: Up Close; and Jamie Denton's new romance, The Matchmaker. I also cleaned up a few MLA errors. Download it from the link on the left, take a look at it, tell me what I'm missing or have done wrong, and make sure you circulate it. If you're using it for educational purposes (schools and libraries for example) and need the list in bulk, drop me a line and we can work something out to get you as many copies as you need for the price of postage.

Speaking of Rouseville's romance writer Jamie Denton (who has an appearance schedule that I envy and, from her photo on her webpage, looks incredibly good for a six time over grandma. Apparently love (or at least writing about love) really does keep one young:

For a free autographed bookplate, cover flats, magnet, bookmarks and other fun goodies,send a self addressed stamped 9x12 envelope with $.87 postage to the postal address below.Or you can send a regular business size self-addressed stamped envelope with $.39 postage for autographed bookplate, magnet, and bookmarks.
Jamie Denton

PO Box 39
Rouseville, PA 16344

Do me a favor and tell her you saw it on

It's embarrassing to admit that I hadn't realized that Titusville's Four Sons Brewery had closed.

The Franklin Club is looking for a buyer. Which is kind of strange, because if the Celtic can't find a buyer for 400K (or 525K, depending to whom you're talking), what chance does a building that has a long list of maintenance issues (does that split pillar on the upper deck frighten anyone else...) have unless it's at a bargain basement price -- and that would really be a shame.

Venangoland tackles the Franklin Club issue as well...

Clicking around last night I ran into the Allegheny Musarium site. Although it's a well thought out proposal, my first thought was to be cynical. But then I realized that two years ago, I would have laughed heartily about the idea of a hunting and fishing museum becoming a reality...

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justin said...

A drag about Four Sons. Titusville wasn't quite ready for a forward-thinking brewpub, I'd wager.
Here's a bit of info that you may be interested in:
Tuesday, January 16
Tattered Corners Used Books
247 Chestnut St.
7:00 p.m.
Dave Eggers (author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and the newest, What is the What?)
an actual regional appearance by a nationally known, revered, loved, and respected author. Dig it! Check out for more details and good coffee-time reading.
p.s. - you still haven't responded to my bold, yet strictly heterosexual request for a travelling companion to the Bazan/Beam show at Messiah.