Saturday, January 13, 2007

Now's your chance to vote for Venango County as one of the best small town arts destination. Vote early, vote often, and tell all your friends.

If ever there was an art movement that begged to be replicated in Venango, it's got to be The Crucible.

The Crucible is an arts education center that fosters the collaboration of art, industry and community. Through training in the fine and industrial arts, The Crucible promotes creative expression, reuse of materials and innovative design while serving as an accessible arts venue for the public.

Michael Harper's poem about segregation in baseball, "BLACKJACK" is the inspiration for composer Richard Danielpour's new work, "Pastime," which will premier at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Saturday.

Public Transit in Western PA? It's true. There's now a free bus running from Meadville to Edinboro University.

The Observer covers a reissue of one of my favorite graphic novels, Chicken With Plums. There's been a lot of Persepolis talk on this blog, and if you liked that, this is another good bet.

Looks like my old neighborhood will soon be part of Harvard.

Paul Simon needs to intervene on this right now. Surely he has some sort of work Art could do....


Joann said...

Thanks for the American Style link, Michael -- and the "get out the vote" effort! Also for The Crucible link. It's a natural. Let's find a politician and sell this idea.

And finally -- were we neighbors? I lived in Allston at 64 Brighton Avenue over a second-hand furniture store. But that was a while back . . .

Peter A. Greene said...

What name are we going to use for the area we're all promoting?

Speaking of Boston, you might enjoy this site:

It belongs to my cousin Jef Taylor. His father (my uncle) is a teacher in Connecticut; been in the classroom for something like 44 years teaching history.

Dittman said...

Hi Joann! - Sounds like we were, although I was there in 1994-95, which , now that I think about it was awhile ago too...
I was thinking just Venango County - do you think it will get disqualified becuase it's not a city per se? I'd be fine with pushing the OC, since they're putting cash behind the arts revitalization movement.