Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gypsy Dave is right! That's the word from Joann Wheeler, who wrote in response to yesterday's post:
. . . May 26 is the date of a community-wide celebration of the arts in Oil City that will center on the unveiling of several pieces of public art by Dave Poulin and the Seventh Street Elementary School kids, a full schedule of performances by singers/songwriters [including Jerome Wincek]. . . Look for more details soon --

If you haven't written Venango County author, professor, and all around good guy Phil Terman yet and asked, politely, to be added to his daily poetry email, do so immediatly. Tell him you saw it on venangago-go

The Eerie Horror Film Festival has added a video game competition The competition is open to an international audience with a special discount for students ages 10 - 17. Deadline for the Video Game Competition is September 1, 2007. The fourth Annual Eerie Horror Film Festival takes place at the Erie Playhouse in Erie, Pennsylvania, October 10 - 14, 2007.

Speaking of such, a Pittsburgh area teacher resigned her position after school officials learned that she and her husband had filmed portions of a horror movie they are producing, The Killer Inside You, at the high school.

The first exhibition of the all-female roller derby Steel City Derby Demons Saturday at Bladerunners in Harmarville is sold out. I'm guessing that means a bigger crowd for the Meadville Area Senior High School which hosts the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District Orchestra Festival Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

The performance will include the Star-Spangled Banner, a Russian Easter overture, and New World Symphony No. 9. The students will conclude with Pirates of the Caribbean . . . ,” the MASH graphic arts department created posters of pirate hats with the names of every student and the schools they represent.

via Erieblogs:
Erie Insurance Group donated $300,000 in corporate support of the Erie Art Museum's $9 million capital campaign. The planned $9 million capital project includes four major galleries, a number of smaller galleries, and a 250 person performance space

Mercyhurst College, Channel 19, will be one of four area television channels to air "Arts Unwrapped," a half-hour program produced by Community Access Television, on Saturday, Jan 27, at 7:30 pm. Venango residents can pick it up on WJET-TV 24. The program brings together several self-identified "arts amateurs" and exposes them to the wide variety of arts offerings in Erie. I'm nto sure what that means, but it sounds like they're building on that sort-of-annoying show that takes people from one area of the state and sends them on vacation in another. You know, Mercyhurst, Venango County isn't that far away. Let's talk, shall we?

Finally, not local, but still interesting:

Beneath Boston’s well-known literary roots lies a thriving, independent culture of poetry, spoken word and creative writing.

Butte Montana is attempting an arts revitalization project.

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