Thursday, December 07, 2006

Erotic confusion at the Venango Historical Society

There's good news and bad news today (then again, isn't there always...). The good news is that a new book Meet Sam Hays:
"will be unveiled today at the Venango County Historical Society's House of Gifts event in Franklin. The book, published by the Historical Society, highlights the letters of Samuel Hays who was reportedly the most elected official in the history of Venango County.
The 90-page, letter-size book is done with a spiral-bound soft cover and will sell for $12 plus tax."

The bad news is that it's another penny wise and pound foolish measure - there's no listing on Amazon, BN, or Powells. For niche publications like this, it's vital to reach a world wide audience - and I'm not just saying this as a guy who hires himself out as an editorial consultant to shepherd projects like this to fruition. I'm saying it as a guy who wants to see local project flourish. Handicapping a project like this to save a few bucks up front just doesn't make any sense.

That and the rather unfortunate choice of title. Googling "Meet Sam Hays" leads you not to the politician, but to an erotic story site. Something else that a competent editorial consultant could have prevented.

There's a theatre in Youngstown devoted only to Victorian plays? How did I miss that?

Pittsburgher Ed Piskor has illustrated Harvey Pekar's (of American Splendorfame) new graphic novel. Macedonia. It's due May 1 from Villard Books.

One of the best places to see a how in Pittsburgh, The Quiet Storm, is closing:
The Storm's reputation flourished as indie icons like Ian MacKaye and Ted Leo packed it. The venue hosted theater and comedy, hip hop and bellydancing, banjos and punk rock.

Braddock continues its Arts Revitalization. A new gallery, Dorothy 6 (264 Library St), "opens on Fri., Dec. 8, with a bash featuring a multitude of artists and non-artists are handmaking original Ts, priced to move, with all proceeds benefiting the makers (call Mancuso to contribute 412-951-0622)"

"Does anyone know if broadway show Tarzan could be ok for a 2.5yr old?"

Grammy nominations are out.

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Peter A. Greene said...

You hire out as an editorial consultant for this kind of stuff? Damn-- now you tell me...