Monday, December 18, 2006

Although the last time I brought up Franklin's Light Up Night, I stirred up a pot of trouble, I'd like to suggest that next year an International Cookie Festival be part of the festivities. Nothing controversial about cookies are there? Jut good clean, trans-fat fun.

Congrats to former Venango Countian Chris Griswold whose "Overheard in Pittsburgh" was named best blog of 2006 by the Pittsburgh City Paper.

As I was paging through a local real estate magazine, trying to decide if 2007 is the year to pursue my dream of being a slumlord, a couple of interesting things popped out. Primo Barone's is selling their brewery equiptment for $35,000 and the people handling the sale have a banner ad declaring, "Hark the Harold Angels Sing".

God Bless Us, Everyone.


Chris Griswold said...

Thanks for the nice words. I would hope that someone would actually use that brewing machinery.

It always looked nice in the window, but it always seemed sad that it wasn't being used. Someone should make Drake Well Porter or something.

Peter A. Greene said...

It was used when it was first put in, and my beer-drinking friends said the place made some good brews. My understanding, however, was that it was a money-losing proposition, and never showed signs of doing better.

Dittman said...

As a home brewer, I always thought that it would look great in my carriage house. I wonder though, since it's copper if it mightn't be worth more as scrap (as brutal as that sounds...) They did make a decent beer, but I think you're right Pete, it just never caught on there as well as it has in Titusville, where, although there's no Drake Well Porter, Four Sons Brewery did just release a Kolsch called The Toast of Pithole...Happy holidays, guys.