Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Babies, free concerts, and feature films

Congrats to former Big Jack Earl member Justin and wife Candy. They are the proud parents of twins! Send them words of encouragement.

Speaking of former BJE members, Jerome Wincek will be playing a free show Friday at Michelle's in Clarion starting at 8 p.m.

We Belong is a documentary about the experiences of two gay teens -- former Franklin High School student C.J. Bills and former Titusville High School student Tim Dahle -- created by former Oil City resident Joe Wilson. It's a semi-finalist in the Seeds of Tolerance Contest

Without a doubt, the funniest line in the Derrick's article about the film is when Superintendent Ronald Paranick says, in defense of Franklin's accused homophobic policies, that the film, "makes it seem like Franklin finally woke up and did something, and that's not true." It must be out of context, but golly did I chortle.

Pittsburgh's National Jazz Landmark, the Crawford Grill, is for sale. I don't understand how a local restaraunt could sell for ~400K when one of the most important places in Jazz history can be purchased for $250,000, but I do understand that its price makes the Grill an attractive teardown. Sigh.

The 6th annual The Nation reminds us that "Wichita Vortex Sutra" (what they call "the last anti-war poem")is 40 years old this year. You can read it (as a pdf) here.

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