Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Local Theatre News

So they put in benches in downtown Ridgway in Elk County. Suprisingly, the only people who use it are people who sit around and smoke, and yell at cars, and basically do things that drive tourists away, rather than bringing in tourists, which is why the benches were put there in the first place. And, so now, the council has decided that the problem could be fixed by spending more money to install cameras that could watch and track the citizen's moves downtown. Thank God Franklin would never...what. Oh. Never mind.

Lots of news from the Barrow Civic Theatre

The Franklin Civic Operetta has announced the 2007 FCOA season. I'm psyched about The Lion in Winter, but a little bummed about the old chestnut Fiddler on the Roof for the Applefest show (I would have gone withWonderful Townif you asked me, and yes, I realize no one did...) and, ick, doesn't everyone in the world do a holiday presentation of The Messiah. Anyhow, if you're interested in applying to be a director submit a letter and resume to the Barrow-Civic Theatre, Post Office Box 1089, Franklin, PA 16323 c/o Ron Slocum. If I had the time or the talent, I'd go for Lion, but that's just me. . .

Menopause: The Musical will be coming to the Barrow for five performances (October 11-14). Five performances? Seems like a bit ambitious....Unless Diane Gramely pickets it, of course...

And, I was going to head to Pittsburgh to see this, but apparently, The Pittsburgh Opera Theatre is bringing their production of Carmen Jones to the Barrow November 11. I'm thinking it must be a warm-up, since the show opens in Pittsburgh a week later. The film, by the way, is worth seeing just to catch Dorothy Dandridge directed by Otto Preminger...

via Erieblogs.com
The art galleries of Allegheny College will present two exhibits, "Beggars and Choosers: Motherhood Is Not a Class Privilege in America" and "Son of Noir," from Tuesday, Sept 5 through Tuesday, Oct 3. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 12:30-5 pm; Saturday, 1:30-5 pm; and Sunday, 2-4 pm. The Art Galleries are located in Doane Hall of Art on the Allegheny College campus, east of North Main Street, between College and John Streets. The Art Galleries are wheelchair accessible. Gallery tours are available to groups by request. All events at Allegheny College Art Galleries are free to the public. Please call ahead to verify; programs are subject to change. For more information, phone (814) 332-4365.

This week, I'll be headed to New Dimension Comics for thie 20 cent sale, but in the meantime, Comic Book Resources has a great piece on leaving geekdom behind to be embraced by the larger world, particularly, libraries:

Our vision of the comics medium as our own little playground is hurting us. Librarians are about the last group in the world interested in anything resembling censorship, but they also are beholden to their own communities, and they fret a lot about what crosses what line. Of major concern to many librarians are excesses we could easily get by, if we abandoned the notion that the medium and the art of comics are somehow improved by being a boys' club of unfettered pandering to our own basest instincts. Mainly characterized by triple-E cups and degrading male-dominated sexual content. Strange as it may sound, apparently girls, a large portion of the library comics audience, don't like things like that.

Sufjan Stevens is releasing a huge Christmas box set. Download "Hey Guys It's Christmas Time" at You Ain't No Picasso.

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