Thursday, September 14, 2006

comics, Elk County Arts on myspace, and band organ rally

The Elk County Council on the Arts has a myspace page. For some reason though, I've been unable to add them as a friend. That makes me feel...lonely...

Yesterday I headed to Ellwood City to take in the New Directions 20 cent comic sale. I failed to realize though that it was Ellwood City's fall fest, complete with shut down streets, classic car shows, oldies music and craft booths, all the things that give me hives. The thing was, I was this close to bringing my MP3 Player with me, but decided not to at the last second thining it would be rude. I still spent $40, but, wow, it was not the relaxing trip that I thought it would be after a week of wrasslin with the galleys.

To follow it up, I made the mistake of stopping at Bell's Comics in Grove City on the way home where there was some sort of card tournament going on - and - I hate to stereotyope but - there were close to 50 very greasy, very smelly adolscent boys making shopping impossible. Grrrr.... As I was leaving, the only woman, a 40-ish lank haired acne covered woman turned to her child who was chewing out a younger boy about some piece of card arcana and said, "Maybe we shoud go home. I mean, these people don't know their cards. I don't know what I was expecting, it's not like Grove City is New Castle." How true...I guess...
My wife was not with me. She had gone to the New Bethlehem Peanut Butter Festival. Where she peanut butter.

With both of our misguided adventures, we missed the North Country Brewing Festival,

It's been pretty clear that I fall on the side of "throw the bums out" when it comes to Two Mile Run Park, and when it happens, I hope that I'll be rewarded for my faithfulness by being allowed to tear down the old stodgy Rendell abandened treehouses and replace them with pirate treehouses!

Now that's a quality way to spend tax payer money and stifle local competition!

Cellist Barbara Thiem and pianist Theresa Bogard will perform Saturday, Sept. 30, at 7:30 p.m. in Westminster College's Orr Auditorium.

The program includes twelve variations from Mozart's opera, "Magic Flute;" Martinu's "Sonata # 3;" Penderecki's "Cappriccio per Siegfried Palm 1968;" and Brahms' "Sonata in F major op. 99 1886."

Becuase I never ever learn from my mistakes, I'm headed down to the last day of the Band Organ Rally in Franklin's Fountain & Bandstand Park.

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