Friday, August 04, 2006

Spent yesterday afternoon making devil sticks with my daughter and learned the important lesson that non-camo fabric tape is hard to find here in Western PA.

The City of Franklin is promising a new website. Thank God. The old CIN was one of the ugliest most unweildy interfaces ever created. Let's hope the arts listings will be easier to access. Poor timing though - no on line listing to be found of the Taste Of Franklin festival this weekend.

I'll be in Ohio this weekend - Saturday is the last planned promotional appearance I'll be making for Small Brutal Incidents. I'll be in Youngstown at the Barnes and Noble. Make a day of it and stop at the Butler Museum and check out their Close and Cornell before heading over to see me. If you want to. No big whoop....


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love Cornell! I had no idea!


Dittman said...

They only have one piece, but it's a great museum which has recently greatly expanded.