Thursday, August 10, 2006

I need bar photos!

Pete Greene checks in on the 100th anniversery of the Silver Cornet Band in his blog Venangoland.

I'm not even sure what to say about this, but the guy who lives behind the C. Wolf costume (Mascot of the Erie Seawolves) has self-published a book of poetry, Growing Beneath a Waning Sun . I'm not making fun, it's just so...hard for me to process...that C. Wolf has a life outside the stadium...

Steve Miller tickets are selling slowly for Meadville for the Crawford County Fair.

Was it something I said? No sooner had I promoted the Brewfest in Titusville than I hear it was canceled.

Tshirt of the week Ambition Killed the Cat

The Pittsburgh Cultural trust is taking some risks this fall and bringing two avant-garde productions to the city (among others):
Charles Ross' One Man Star Wars Trilogy and surreal cabaretists The Tiger Lillies (who were in the one theatre show I watned to see last year, Shockheaded Peter).

St Louis Today reviews new graphic noivels.

Comic Book resources reviews the new noir graphic novel Kickback.

A Happy Booker reader is trying to come up with a list of every book ever set in Washington DC.

The Boston Phoenix reviews Sam Admas new Brewer Patriot collection of beers.

Wow. Gunter Grass has admitted that he was part of the Waffen SS during WWII.

Finally, I need your help. for a new writing project I'm working on, I need interior photos of the following Franklin area bars:
The Corner Pocket
The Sunshine Saloon
The Office
After Hours

There's no money involed in helping me, but I'll give you credit if you like, or never tell a soul that you sent it, if you'd prefer. No real names or recogniizable faces will be used in the actual text. Color or black and white photos, from any era are fine. Send them hard copy to the address in the sidebar and I'll mail them back to you (I'll even pay you for postage), or email them as attachments to

If you help me out, you'll also get a free copy of the project, more details of which I'll release later. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

My name is Daniel L. Baughman, and I am the author of "Growing Beneath A Waning Sun".

Just don't lose sight that college students work every kind of job imaginable. Some work fastfood, others work at amusement just so happens that this one worked as a mascot.

I have other titles in the works including my memiors and a novel, as well as countless works of poetry which should be gracing the bookstore shelves soon enough. But my writing is very seperate from "C. Wolf". The writing is on behalf of myself...the mascot is what I do for others.

Dittman said...

I wish you had left your email, I would have loved to talk to you! I really wasn't making fun, it's just from your job (and I have seen you perform many, many times as a big Seawolves fan) I would have guessed you'd be going to SRU as a Sports Management guy. You have to admit C Wolf is a pretty great marketing angle for the book too. Bring them in on the novelty and then win them with the text! I hope you're doing well at SRU and if you want to chat about poetry sometime, drop me an email. As soon as the book drops, send me a note and I'll be glad to publicize/review it here.

Anonymous said...

You could e-mail me at anytime. I look forward to talking with you.

Daniel L. Baughman