Sunday, August 27, 2006

Historical Markers, band finances, and a televangalist saint.

The Derrick is running one of the strangest stories I've seen in a while. The gist of the article is that there are historical markers in Northwestern PA. That's it. Really; there's no mention of how one gets a marker put up, or if there's any new ones on the way, or even a question of should tax dollars go to a program of sometimes dubious quality. It's like the writer picked up George Beyer's fine text, Guide to the State Historical Markers of Pennsylvania , highlighted a few passages and submitted it. Weird - I mean, the book should have at least been acknowledged as existing as source...

The Silver Cornet Band needs donations to finance a trip The all-volunteer band has been selected to represent Venango County at the centennial celebration for the state capitol building in Harrisburg. They're looking for donations within the next three weeks to help finance the trip, so unless you want to see the band members in flip flops and Speedos washing cars in the parking lot of First National Bank, or going door to door selling band candy, send them a little something in care of Franklin City Hall, 430 13th St., Franklin, PA 16323. Tell them you saw it at venangago-go.

Pete Greene takes a ride on the local buses at Venangoland:

The drivers were uniformly pleasant and helpful. One maintained a steady friendly banter with the passengers (sample: "Hey, Ron, where you been all my life?" "Shut up and drive!").

A Catholic Archbishop with Pittsburgh ties could become the first saint to have won an Emmy.

Proof that the Erie Times News is actually written by a computer spitting out random words? This morning's Health feature includes the headlines "Do shiny legs indicate brain disorder?" and "Should rectal bleeding worry me?". Depends whose it is, I guess...

The San Franscico Gate previews Fall books.

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