Thursday, July 27, 2006

Free Roots Music, graphic novels in local library, and gentlemen start your mowers!

I spend a lot of time in the local library in the summer. I was pleased to see there the other day that the teen section or (YA in the lingo) now includes some graphic novels, a copy of Bone Volume 2: The Great Cow Race, and a Wolverine among others. Nice start! Now maybe that can be expanded to the adult section...The Dayton Beach Journal discusses the pros and cons of comics in libraries.

The Pittsburgh Trib and the Philly Inquirer are mad at Rendell and have decided to take it out on us:
Residents of the Venango County town were concerned the elements could keep Rendell from attending the Oil Heritage Parade. Oh, representatives of the Franklin School of Kung Fu in nearby Franklin still would have marched, but you know it wouldn't have been the same.
- from the Trib

Oil City and Tippery are in Venango County, population about 57,000 and falling, a speck of a county in northwest Pennsylvania. - The Inquirer

Although this snarky slander is old hat for those of us who have lived here a long time (and really, these aren't even really well done bits of saracasm towards us hicks), I still think it might be fun to drop the Trib's Eric Hyle and the Inquier's Tom Ferrick an email.

In a very real way, you have to feel sorry for them. These are people who will never know the simple joy of Super Modified Lawnmower racing.

Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood, Marjane Satrapi's comic-book memoir of the Iranian Revolution is being made into a film.

Download free and legal early American roots music from the 1920s and 1930s at The Roots Music Listening Room.


Joann Wheeler said...

Hey -- when I read your comment about graphic novels, I thought of recommending Persepolis -- but I'm happy to see you beat me to it farther down in your post. Is that in the Franklin Library?

Justin said...

I'm attempting to assemble a "collection" of graphic novels for my new classroom (not yet existing, of course). So far, I have a beautiful version of "The Metamorphosis" (yeah, Kafka) by Peter Kuper, and a Sunday morning comic-esque version of "Moby Dick" by Lew Swartz (I think of Christian comic/tract fame). I'm headed to Baltimore to hunt for more (not specifically for that, of course). But I love the concept and the article. And so my collection is meager. I just started. Don't be a dick, Mike.

Dittman said...

Joann - it is indeed the good ol' FPL- but your post makes me think I should see if the OCPL has anything...
Hey Justin! Long time no talk! Hope all is well. Allow me to recommend
The 101 Best Graphic novels

just make sure you introduce them to Fin Fang Foom -- and maybe avoid Jack Chick....