Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Advertisments at the theatre and a guilt free Lee Greenwood

The fourth annual Taste of Clarion will be held Thursday, June 22, in the Clarion County memorial park. (via The Derrick)

Starting Friday, Pittsburgh has the dubious honor of being one of the first cities to use live advertisements before theatre performaces.

Suddenly, media outlets are baning the "are indie bookshops dead" drum again. Check out the Village Voice and the Guardian (UK)takes on the much masticated question:
The novelist Susan Hill infuriated independent booksellers earlier this year by arguing that some small shops don't deserve to survive. She had visited three - one that was being run down, one run by a man who clearly knew nothing about bookselling, the third owned by a "witch" who appeared to hate selling books. "Whenever I hear people shouting, 'Save the village store', I wonder if they have been in one lately,"

I'm pretty excited about the Yellow Arrow project, as well as the Backfence project. I'd love to see them both implemented around here...

Deerhoof has released a free EP (as one track) of cover songs and live tracks through their label's website (Kill Rock Stars). (via largehearted boy)

Does Lee Greenwood ever feel guilty that his fortunes rise every time Americans die?

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