Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Reinventing the WPA wheel...again....

The cultural revivial continues in Foxburg.

Pulitzers have been announced. Slate.com says the awards don't matter.

Apparently the Seawolves aren't the only ones tearing out the cheap seats...Speaking of the 'wolves, while my wife and I were there on Easter (sitting in front of the archetypal know-it-all WPA guy - medium height, conservative haircut, morbidly obese, and to top it all a PENN STATE sweatshirt (I'm betting School of Engineering '86) trying hard to get some face time with the 18 year olf doing promotions to explain why these darn new kids just weren't trying. Ah well, at least he wasn't cursing...)she asked, "Do the players get to pick the music that plays when they come out?" Apparently, the answer is, "Yes!"

Sigh. Once again WPA shows off its penchant for reinventing the wheel. A group of Clarion County volunteers is creating a book documenting "...history [that] was captured in photographs, artwork and postcards throughout the years, horded away in attics stored in scrapbooks and boxes." If that set up sounds familiar, it's because it's what Arcadia Publishing does. I've worked as a consultant on a couple of Arcadia projects (and would love to work on more, hint, hint...)and it couldn't go more smoothly when they're involved. Without their know-how though, things tend to go overtime and over budget quickly....What is it about this area that makes us think that we know everything about everything? Or is just an attempt to squeeze a few more dimes out of a project?

My brother, back in town for the weekend, was amazed at how vibrant Meadville has become....

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