Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New book from Greene, New Music from BJE and $27K + of art.

Long time no blog. Anyhow....

Franklin Area High School teacher Peter Greene, has written a history of the Franklin Silver Cornet Band: Musical Service: The Life and Times of the Franklin Silver Cornet Band.

All around artiste Edmund Ramage will be painting another mural in Franklin this summer. Check out his earlier work in my Flickr account, or in person, on the side of the Feldman's building in downtown Franklin.

Big Jack Earl has a preview of "Justin Casey" from their "brand-new, soon-to-be-released album".

What kind of art can $27K buy you? If you're Presque Isle's Tom Ridge theater, you'll get a, "colorful design of a monarch butterfly flanked by beebalm plants" The design is the work of Erie-area artist Susan Kemenyffy.

Old guy rock critic Greil Marcus writes about "Howl" in the NY Times.

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