Friday, April 21, 2006

The Erie Times News rap article.

It must be spring; not only do I no longer feel like weeping softly under my bed, but there's actually too many cool arts and culture things to do this weekend. To wit:

The Magic Flute is at Mercyhurst Saturday and Sunday. Call 814-824-3000.

The Edinboro University Student Film Festival will be Saturday at 7 pm at the Academy Theatre in Meadville. $3 at the door includes a reception and EUP students are free with ID.

Speaking of Edinboro and film, Adny Dick will be there Thursday April 27th for the East Coast premier of his movie Danny Roane: First Time Director. Go here for tickets

If you missed Cabinets of Curiosities when it was at the Erie Art Museum, you can catch it at the funky and free Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh's Strip District.

Holy Smokes. Robb Frederick has written the whitest rap article. Ever. In History.

And here's our home boy. The local hope. The pride of the lower east side. The big-sleeved, notebook-toting, GED dreamer. A rapper with a muskrat 'stache and lavender sunglasses.
You'll have to register (might I suggest, but omigod, it so worth reading it. (Make sure you check out the photo with the two black guys lurking in the background to give the white rapper some "street cred". Oh, Erie Times, ever time I think you can't write more poorly on the arts, youup the ante. Kudos my friends, kudos.)

Pittsburgh was named to the nation's third best midsized arts city in a readers poll released today by American Style magazine.

The film adaptation of Michael Chabon's novel The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh may not be filmed there.

What was keeping Sarah from literary greatness? Writing her blog. Oh...I see now....
Music to think about.

The new book about Ginsburg's "Howl" will have you yawping barabarically. It's so bad, I'm surprised Robb Frederick didn;t pen one of the essays. I'm sorry, it's just....Tonight, on stage at Tullio Arena, with the DJ tweaking and the dancers freaking, Charles J will grab for the brass ring.

This is his 15 minutes.

Let's back up some. He's a thin kid, the baby at a table of four. He ditches Jim Morrison, his mom's dead rebel, for the urban versions: Biggie and Tupac, Mobb Deep and Nas.

Omigod. I just peed.

Anyhow, about ten years ago, I got into a shouting match with one of the John's from They Might Be Giants during an interview as we questioned each other's punk cred. Golly, I was lame. Anyhow, the boys are now touring in support of a DVD/CD set called Venue Songs, featuring sonds about specfiic tour stops. Some will remember the Electric Banaa club mentioned in the intro to this song and the rest of you can enjoy the song included about Pittsburgh's newest indie venue Mr. Small's Theatre. Warning: Very low quality.


Anonymous said...

Omigod. Were lame? Omigod. Never mind ... It's not worth it.

ron said...

haha, i'm glad i wasn't the only one that laughed my ass off at the rap article. funny thing is that the kid went to harborcreek high (so did i) and he's 26 (i'm 25)... so i'm thinking i should know him. gonna have to go look him up in the old yearbooks! that'll be a fun picture to post..

Dittman said...

Mom! I told you to stop posting as anonymous...sheesh...

Ron - that would be great - like Paul Wall's high school photo...