Sunday, February 05, 2006


No Internet access at work for three days! Not that I errr, ever blog from work or anything....Anyhow...

The Weinermobile was in Oil City last night - my family consoled my terrible disappointment - like a sugar hyped three year old, I imagined a crowd of hundreds surrounding a weinermobile of RV size with free hot dogs and a band.

Instead there were about 7 people crowding around what looked like a giant hotdogs perched on a Gran Turino. Even the whistles were pretty crummy. One of the drivers I talked to was from Texas. She was a sweet girl, even if she did have the tendency to veer wildly in and out of corporate-speak. One minute, we were having a lovely discussion about Austin and then suddenly her voice would increase in level and she'd something to me like, "I mean, c'mon, in what other country in the world is there enough freedom for a company to put together such a great and wonderful opportunity to connect with its customers."

Earlier in the week, I had pitched a human interest story to the Penn Stater because the other driver was a Penn State graduate. 'Sorry," she said, "So many Penn State graduates have taken that job that it's no longer a novelty." Really? Maybe that's the story in itself. Or at least a new slogan to recruit students.

Before long I felt like the child there who was terrified of the giant sausage and wept wildly (the kid did, not me, at least not until I got home, but what's unusual about that?).

Today, as I was walking around Franklin, finishing errands, I saw the Weenie Wagon pull up at a red light diagonally from the Sheetz on Liberty. A woman shot out of the church and reached the driver's side window just as the light turned green and the Mobile drove away. She waved sadly, then sprinted back to her car parked along the street and spun gravel in hot pursuit. Don't do it Lady, I thought, it'll break your heart.

Last weekend, I finally drove up to the Movies at Meadville to see Capote. I was wildly underwhelmed by the theatre. It's just a normal theatre - a lot like the one in the Clarion Mall, albeit with the promise of someday serving beer. The movie though was just as good as the reviews suggested. So much so that I'm now checking out Capote in Kansas graphic novel

Lots of arts news in the local papers today.
Dion Hayes' face will appear in an upcoming episode of the popular cartoon show Loonatics Unleashed.

A Chinese new year celebration, ringing in the year of the dog, drew more than 180 people to Emmanuel Christian Church in Stoneboro.

Oil City continues its ill-conceived plan to bring artists to the river community which will, in turn, save the city from falling further into meth induced madness.

Franklin On Ice really began today with carvers moving their ice in and setting up.

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