Saturday, February 18, 2006

Realms of the Unreal in Franklin

Whoo-hooo! Good news from reader Nancy E:
Friday evening, February 24, at 6pm in the upstairs room at the Franklin
Library In the Realms of the Unreal, a documentary about Henry Darger. A reclusive janitor who spent his childhood in an asylum, Henry Darger created hundreds of paintings, drawings and manuscripts unknown to the public until his landlord discovered after his death in 1973. Dozens of these works, including Darger's 15,000 page illustrated novel, The Realms of the Unreal are at Pittsburgh's Warhol Museum until April 30, 2006. The film is free and open to the public!

Junction Dance Theatre wants to throw a house party. But first it needs a little help from local writers.
The modern-dance company seeks stories for its annual House Party, an experiment in dance, theater, poetry, music, food and drink. The writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, must relate to the home or use home as departure as a theme. Poems, fiction and memoirs are welcome, regardless of word count.
Send stories to:
Junction Dance Theatre
Kumquat Dance Center
3500 Lancaster Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
ATTN: House Party Inspiration

or to

The deadline is Feb. 28.

Pittsburgh's Film Kitchenen has announced its 2006 contest and mini-fetsival. They're looking for short films and videos about or involving coffee
Subisssion muct be four minutes or less and must be about or involve coffee.
Submissions can be silent or soubnd
acceptable formats are 16 mm, Super 8 mm, VHS, DVD and mini_Dv, one submission per artist.
Deadline Fri April 14th at 5 pm. Send entries (with a SASE for return to
Film Kitchen Contest
c/o Pittsburgh City Paper
650 Smithfield St Ste 2200
Pittsburgh PA 15222
412-316-3342 X 178

A Titusville High School graduate is currently working on a project to document the importance of Cyclops and Cytemp Specialty Steel and its employees through photos and is seeking former workers and interested individuals to be part of the undertaking.

A late President's day treat:

Richard Nixon, Republican nominee for vice president, and his wife Patricia are greeted by Congressman Leon Gavin of Oil City during a 1952 whistle-stop in Oil City

It's not too late to apply to be in the Artists in Education program. As a former participant, I can personally highly recommend this.

In non-local arts news:
The Guardian (UK) takes a look at self-publishing.
Marvel comics is putting their heroes in a post Patriot Act world.

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