Monday, October 10, 2005

Tall Horse in Pittsburgh - worth the drive...

First the local info
In Titusville, the Tyc-Toc and the Elks are planning a Tunnel of Terror. The tunnel will be open for the public tours on Oct. 22, Oct 28, Oct. 29 and Oct. 31 from 7 to 11 p.m. The tunnel will feature one night of extreme terror that will take place on Halloween, Oct. 31. Small children and those who are not up to a major frightening should not attend on this night. There will be a $3 charge to take the tour of the tunnel. Those who wish to help with this event should contact Penny Gustavson, Tyc-Toc director at 814-827-2381

Meadville native,Monica Cervone-McElwain, takes advantage of the SPROUT Fund and creates a mural on Pittsburgh's South Side.

Allegheny prof, Jonathan Helmreich, writes a local history, Through All the Years: A History of Allegheny College. My brother's drunken antics not included, I'm told...

The beautiful Tall Horse puppet play comes to Pittsburgh this week. Christopher Isherwood writes, "Tall Horse is a veritable multicultural festival in itself. The production represents a collaboration between two African puppet-theater companies, the Handspring company of South Africa, known for its work with the filmmaker William Kentridge, and the Sogolon company from Mali. Both the collaboration and the concept were suggested by an executive at the Kennedy Center in Washington. The script was written by an African-American, Khephra Burns. The director, Marthinus Basson, is South African. The choreographer, Koffi Kôkô, is from Benin. . . . There are, to be sure, some authentic wonders on view here, notably the title character, a magnificent puppet, 16 feet tall at full stretch, inhabited by two men walking with unexpected grace and animation on stilts. Constructed of a delicate exoskeleton of thin wooden rods wrapped in airy fabrics evoking the animal's patterned skin, it glides with the undulating, slightly awkward languor of the real creature . . ."
It's the Lion King for thinking kids and adults. NYT Review here and Pittsburgh Courier review here and here. Tickets here. It's too bad the Barrow isn't offering a bus down or that some of the local schools aren't headed down for a field trip.

Yesterday, due to gyro OD, I forgot to include Big Jack Earl's URl. Head here to get songs, show dtaes, and to sign up for the email list.

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