Saturday, October 15, 2005

Duncan Prahl's Bar animals

Campus was silent yesterday - midterms and all I guess - the young women who used to come to class perfectly coiffed and made up now stagger in wearing sweats and perscription glasses - the young men already working on the beer guts they'll carry into middle age. My lit class has dwindled sharply which is kind of nice from 32 to about 15 - we can now sit and talk instad of lecture-quiz repeat - a good mix as well of race, class, ethinicty, age, and interests, although the students who remain are predominatly female.

Sheesh...I was frustrated in my efforts to buy an Eerie Horror Film Fest poster and/or a Great Lakes Film Festival poster - if anyone has one they want to sell (or for that matter, any other local gig posters, please drop me an email.) Unless it's a Michael Budai work. He still owes me the posters I paid for. Jerk.

Anyhow, Pittsburgh Artist Duncan Prahl has what seems to be a very idyllic life - by day he works for a Green (as in eco) building company and by night he builds little plastic animal still lifes (lives?) in bars. Want to come to the Sly Fox Mr. Prahl? First round is on me - or maybe show up at North Country Brewing on a Big Jack Earl night? Just some ideas...

As strange as this sounds, the usually sophomoric Pittsburgh City Paper has been the only media outlet that attempts to wrestle with deceased Pittsburgh native playwright August Wilson's thorny racial politics. And while I'm thinking about that - why doesn't Erie have an alternative weekly?

Just for fun, I opened a Venango area on Nothing added yet, but feel free to use it.

Along the same idea, I created a Big Jack Earl group on Flickr. Upload, download, whatever, no big whoop.

Finally, as I was trying to find the silent movie schedule for Drake's Well in Titusville - I can across this - who knew Titusville had a Poet Laurate?

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