Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Venango authors

I try, maybe unsuccessfully, not to talk a whole lot about myself in this blog, but, in the interests of explaining why updates have been shoddy lately, I did want to make the happy annoucement here, that after a week's worth of contract wrangling, Contemporary Press will be publishing my newest novel. It's a noir set in late 1940s Pittsburgh. There will be a book release party (actually a couple, I'm psyched to say, it looks like one in NYC and one in Boston right now) , but the truly fun one will be Franklin , natch. Look for more details - it's as yet untilted (actually it had a title, which the publisher hated...) and it looks like the release date will be in the spring of 2006. Interested in other local Venango writers? Check out the bibliography that I made up and tell me if I'm missing anyone.
If you have a budding Venango author who's between 8 & 12, check out the "Why I Love My Pennsylvania State Park" essay contest. Although Presque Isle's the sucker's bet, I'd go for Clear Creek, if I were younger. Why? It's all about the yurts, baby.

Volunteers are still needed for the Cranberry Festival Art Show scheduled for the last Saturday in September (that's the 24th). There's also still time to enter if you're an artist. Entry forms are here. Volunteers should call Holly Jarzenski-Berlin at 814-677-2447 X 440. The show itself runs from September 22-24 at the Christian Life Building in Seneca.

Titusville's Celebration of Women in the Arts is this weekend.

This weekend is also the Big Butt Lumber Heritage Festival staged by the Brookville Kiwanis. Local band Big Jack Earl plays at 6 and 8 admidts chainsaw carving. Speaking of BJE, they're also playing at Slippery Rock's North Country Brewing Company on Monday, September 19, from 7-10 pm.

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Justin said...

Let me be the first, at least on the blog, to say congrats. And thanks for all of the support. And to offer our services for any book release parties that may require live music in the future. And to use the word "and" as many times as possible. Catch yins around town.