Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Franklin Farmer's Market was bigger than it has been recently - they also have "Buy Local" stickers for free. Even though I'm still grumpy about the bad representation on the PA website, head on down to the market and grab some of the stickers, and then start following the good advice, buy local produce, local beer, local music. It's good stuff.
Afterwards, headed down to the "Rock In River Festival" this afternoon. It was drizzly, and although I had been scouring and collecting fine skipping stones from the shores of Lake Erie (along with a rugby ball I found last week at Presque Isle, but that's another story), I was cold and wet and decided the heck with it and headed home. Not even a decent photo.

One of Northwest PA's finest bands overall,and certainly the best in their genre, Big Jack Earl is hard at work on a new album which is welcome news. In the meantime you can check out "Awkward and Lonely" here, and make plans to se them at the Big Butt Lumber Heritage Festival on Saturday, September 3rd, 2005 at 6 and 8 pm at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds at Hazen PA. As the writes, "This is an all day event for the Brookville Kiwanis Club. We're talking professional lumberjack shows AND Big Jack Earl. What could be better? "
Tomorrow, Sunday, is the last day of the Forest County Annual Countryside Tour, a free Drive-it Yourself Tour of an artist studio, farms, a blacksmith, a woodturning shop, crafter/painter, a quilter, aquatic displays and some history of Forest County. Each stop is marked with a WELCOME flag and there are arrows to lead your way. You can download a, sigh, crudely made map here. It's got llamas, so if the weather's nice, I might drive up and see about getting me a llama fur union suit for the winter.

How much do those big names at the Crawford County Fair cost? According to the Meadville Tribune:
Toby Keith-$421,328.
Scotty Emerick - $1,500.
Rascal Flatts - $215,922
Blake Shelton - $15,000.
Clay Aiken - $110,600.
Those figures don’t include any revenues for souvenirs sold, such as T-shirts, and as Krusty The Clown once said, T-shirt sales are the sweetest plum ...

Tomorrow is also the last day of the National Carousel Association at Kennywood, near Pittsburgh.

Too much time and money? Why not build a replicate colonial smokehouse like this yinzer, I mean Pittsburgh area businessman.
Speaking of yinzer, Pittsburgh's fine literary magazine the New Yinzer has some new work up...


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