Thursday, August 11, 2005

Big Weekend - Your planner!

This is one of the last weekend of summer for a lot of us. So here's the plan:
Friday night:
Head out to see the free performace of Shakespeare in the Park's final performance ever.

The show is The Tempest and it begins around 7 pm - pack a picnic - I'm partial to baba ganoush and San Pellegrino, but I'm a fancy pants. You may be happier with O'Douls and pickle loaf. Or split the difference and eat somewhere else and stop at the Summer House Coffee shop on Liberty and get some of their gelato, or a cocoa-mocho-loco supreme, or whatever it is the kids are drinking these days. It's your call. Either way bring a blanket or a chair.
Then Saturday, head up to Titusville to the Titusville Council on the Arts Juried Art Exhibit from 10 am to 4 pm at the Main Street School in Titusille. Call (814) 827-2381 for details. After filling up on art, head over to the Four Son's Brewing for the Drakes Follie (sic) Brew Fest - sameple handcrafted beers from area brewpups whiel being serenade by the sweet Americana sounds of Big Jack Earl. Tickets are $20 and sessions are from 12-3 and 4:30-7:30..

Finally, on Sunday, relax and the smell the flowers. No, literally. It's the Orchid Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania annual auction at 3 pm at the Erie Zoo (814) 455-6069 x 218) Orchids are by far the creepiest flowers around, so even the kids will like this one and their joy will help erase the guilt you feel about supporting the keeping of wild animals in cages...
In other news:
It seems that the 70s retro craze has hit local law enforcement as well, as they take a hint from Shaggy and the rest of the Scooby gang...
Francis Fod Coppola is still flogging his film version of On the Road.
Remember that spaz from elementary school? Here's what happened to him. He's famous - you're not. Kind of ironic in a way...I guess...

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ziggyboo said...

Wow, great performances. Caliban and Arial especially knocked me out but the whole cast was fantastic. They were so good I didn't even mind drowning in the pouring rain. When you said special effects I didn't realize you were really going to call up a tempest. Three cheers for a great director.