Monday, August 22, 2005

Beauty Queens

Wow! Who knew it was beauty queen season?
"Shauna Rice is 2005 Miss Canadohta Lake. Shauna, the daughter of Denis and Sharon Rice of Union City, will be a freshman at Edinboro University. She has been involved with dancing for 13 years and has taught dancing; tap, ballet, gymnastic, modern, pointe and hip-hop for four years. She also enjoys kayaking and swimming. Shauna's future plans are to enter the field of elementary education."

Meanwhile, Elsie Douglas recollects fondly her crowning as the very first Miss Crawford County 50 years ago.
But wait! There is apparently a dark side. This former Little Miss Cochranton competitor has bucketloads of bile for the whole process and she (as she is quick to point out) has an IQ of 140!

I promised myself I wouldn't slide into snideness with this- I've had plenty of students who are attending school with the help of pageante scholarshiphip money. Are these pagents art? Probably not (although I think a strong arguement could be made because of the makeup and costumes) but is it culture? Absolutley! That's why it's here (this is an arts and culture blog, you know...)
In all seriousness, the fact that people are so fired up about it does say a lot about the region, about what sort of feminity is valued and how some talented and intelligent women who don't fit into our cultural norm feel that they have to leave the area to be valued, leading to a brain drain and a very thin creative class.
Solutions? None, because there isn't a lot of communication between camps.

As solace, check out Pedro the Lion's Beauty Queen song: When They Really Know You, They Will Run From You


Melissa said...

Not sure if you read my entry correctly, but I was never a competitor in that pageant or any pageant for that matter.

Dittman said...

My apologies. I should have said that you were part of the drama surrounding, but not part of the actual competition.

Melissa said...

no prob!