Monday, July 04, 2005

Tempest Cast!

The Tempest Cast has been finalized!
Our cast is:
Prospero - Bill Trimble
Caliban -- Kim Tarr
Miranda -- Theresa Sockey
Ariel -- Amy Dittman
Ferdinand -- Rob Hoover
Gonzalo -- Galen Trimble
Trinculo -- Theo Dixon
Stephano -- Lee Tillotson-Becker
Alonso -- Rob Dahlman
Boatswain - Liz Warner
Lots of new people - just what a project like this needs to stay alive.

Fireworks in Franklin kick off at dusk. My guess is about 9 pm. Further abroad, I'd suggest the Concert in the Park Series in Titusville's Scheide Park.

Then again, maybe I won't buy an iPod. It's the eighties and Air Jordans all over again. When will casual teen crime learn from the past?

Since it's the fourth, I thought a MP3 of John Wayne drunkenly addressing a group of young men might be in order.

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