Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Franklin Pet Show

Franklin Pet Show
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The Venango County Humane Society pet show is one of those things you just have to do. I mean, if you’re going to live in a small town you really only have two choices – you can go to things like this – the little free presentations that help make a community and bind people together, as well as reinforce community standards in what one can and cannot do in public or you can walk around telling people about how much better you are than all this and how you are or did move to the big city where every one really understands you.
Obviously, I fall into the acceptance group.
So, in the sweaty heat that glues clothes to your body and makes even close families avoid hugs. We headed down to the Bandstand Park to check out the show. It was small than I remembered and had d instance lack of the exotic pets which usually promises some fun – some kid usually beings a chicken or a ferret (God forbid both show up). This year however there were plenty of dogs. We stood by the war memorial and watched a bulldog chew on ice cubes. At one point, that bulldog won a prize and was called up to the stage. Once it was there, though it laid on it’s belly and refused to get up – my wife and I were joking about stubborn animals, until the dog’s owner, a little girl,. Motioned for her mom to come up. The mother went up, trued to make the dog stand a few times and then lost it. Grabbed the dig and came running back to her chairs telling her family to get to the car – the dog wasn’t breathing.
Immediately every goofy pet personal clustered around her offering advice. "Give him water." "Flip him over." "Is he having a seizure?" Finally someone flipped the dog over and started CPR. My family, aghast, withdrew to the ice cream shop across the way, when we left, I could see that they were still working the dog – I don’t hold much hope for him. An incredibly shocking, sad day all around, but no mention of it in the paper’s coverage, which just increased the surrealistic flavor of the whole event.

Hopefully the rest of the Fourth’s activities will go more smoothly – I’m off to see a
Walker Evans exhibit
and then over to Fallingwater,
so the blog will be on hiatus, unless I can hook up with a library machine – there’s no way I’m dragging a lap top with me.
Whilst I’m gone:
Thursday in Franklin brings the incredible shrinking Thursday Night on the Square from 4 to 8 – the Silver Coronet Band takes the stage at 7:30 pm

Friday is the Penny Carnival from 11 am to 1 pm – children a plenty compete in games of skill and chance in return for plastic toys, bringing great glee to all.
In Clarion, it’s the Fair Weather Friday’s Concert Series call 814-226-9161 for location and details.
And let’s not forget the Punk Prom on the first of July as well.
It’s great to see someone pick up the idea that’s worked so well in other cities and bring it here. Bands include the calm before(pop punk) ahimsa sunrise (screamo) the pax cecelia (mellow metal) something in itself (trombone ravaged punk) and the code. People in formal wear get in for $6, all others get in for $8. couples in formal wear enter for $10. For more information, contact something in itself at either benjammin@somethinginitself.com . You can download the flier here.

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