Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bubba Ganooj

Cool, clear water and yummy Baba Ganooj: a good day was had by all at Presque Isle today. At this point, I also want to claim the name Bubba Ganooj for a future band. You've been warned.

More importantly, Tempest Auditions are this weekend; held June 25th at 2 pm and June 26th at 6 pm at Studio 22 at 340 Liberty St, Franklin PA.
The cast includes 9 roles with flexibility regarding race and gender. Auditions are open to anyone regardless of experience and require no special preparation other than reading from the script.
The 2005 Shakespeare in The Park production is scheduled for August 12-13th. Readings will begin in July.
I'd like to see some new faces here, so drop by and give it a read.

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