Monday, June 13, 2005

Best Little Bluenoses

So I found this today when I was surfing about.
It's not that I think that Best Little Whorehouse is a great play. I don't. But there's lots of stuff I don't like in this world - those pictures of the big headed animals for instance that scholastic snapped up last fall - so I didn't buy one. It's an old argument - I won't get into it, although it is handy to have everyone's address there. It does seem a little cheesy though that they list the Barrow's board's address, but omit any mention of their own board members on the site. Ah well, it was worthwhile to find out that the Chilean opera guy who drives around in a van is actually, "Rabbi Samuel DePalma - Christian Jewish Opera singer" Now that would look great on a business card!

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