Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another Bloomsday done...

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Another Bloomsday in the can. Lower participation this year which I'm blaming on the weather. The readers were great - Ed Ramage a particularly welcome addition. The band, Tiger Maple String Band, was even better than I had hoped. Look for them to appear in the area again in the fall.
Friday I recovered by laying around and digging in the garden. While Saturday I ran down to the Strip in Pittsburgh to munch on some macaroons. Today, Father's Day, I went to the movies only to see Nancy, one of the stalwart Bloomsday attendees. Maybe it was a sign. Even if it wasn't - it was a nice coincidence - and most days that's more than you get.
Tomorrow is Juneteenth - the closest celebration seems to be at Clarion were their third annual Juneteenth Celebration kicks off at 11:30 am in front of Carlson Libraries bell tower. There's dance, poetry and art, as well as a brief explanation of the holiday. All events are free and well worth checking out.

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Nancy said...

The band was wonderful and my friend said, "hey, that looks like my roofer!" and it was -- Barry, I think his name is. And, yes, Ed was a great reader -- hope he reads next year, too.

The movie? loved the first half when he was dark & struggling...