Friday, May 27, 2005

Welcome & Memorial Day Weekend.

Hi. I'm Michael.

There's a lot to do in the region, but no real way to cut through it all - what's good, what's interesting, what's lousy. The common perception is that there's nothing to do around here; the truth is, there's too much.

Hence Venangago-go. Let this blog be your guide as to what's worth doing in the area. I'm focusing on Venango County, but occasionally will go afield. Not too far though. I don't like driving.

Bands, promoters, venue owners: I encourage you to tell us when you're doing anything new or worthy of note. Put on your mailing lists and stay in touch.

This weekend, Memorial Day seemed like the perfect launch date for the blog. Here's my picks. Look for reviews after the weekend.

Don't let the fact that the information found at the Derrick/News Herald's Good Times link is two weeks out of date ruin your weekend. Vengago-go-go to the rescue.

Friday: It's an incredibly slow start to the weekend, there's no doubting that, but rest up, there's fun ahead.

Saturday: In the afternoon, swing by the Franklin Public Library's used book sale - it's $1 per bag and I'll be manning the cash register. Yes, I really am that nerdy.

If I wasn't working though, I'd head over to Oil Creek State Park for the National Trails Day hike with Stacey the Park Naturalist from 10 -2 pm. So you don't make the same mistake I did; apparently a "naturalist" is not the same as a "nudist" no matter what the dictionary says.

Saturday night, your best bet is probably Klub Luv. Yes it sounds like something Diane Gramley will shortly write a letter to the editor about, and, yes, the unfortunate spelling of the title seems to be an attempt at an "urban" feel while looking more like the title of lost 1980s New Wave classic, the dancers, especially the older ones, of Studio 22 are quite talented. $8 adults, $5 12 and under at the Barrow Civic at 7 p.m.

Sunday: Sit quietly and think about your sins. When you're done, pile the family into the SUV (what could be more American on Memorial Day Weekend?) and head to the Erie Art Museum for "Piscatorial Investigations", Alberto Rey's paintings of trout. That's right. Trout.

Monday: Memorial Day parades today. But you already knew that. I've never been much of a parade guy, but I'll probably mosey down to Franklin's which starts at 10:30 a.m. and features all the usual suspects, Silver Coronet Band, Patriot Partners...I just want to avoid being blinded by flying candy or bruised by the ADDHD crew scrambling for it.

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