Monday, May 30, 2005

Campbell Pottery trip

Ignored my own picks this weekend and instead headed up to Cambridge Springs to Campbell Pottery's StoneWall Gallery in order to check out some glassblowing and see the pottery there.

The pottery has deep hued earthy blues and yellows, and is available in a variety of tableware forms. While it's been hailed as having crisp, elegant forms, I don't see it - seems pretty hefty and earthy to me - perfect for the location, a crunchy farm setting surrounded by fields, streams and lily beds, from which obvious inspiration is drawn. I mean they're pretty and all and people go apey for them, but elegant?:

I don't see it.
Anyhow the glassblowing was a super show - my natural inclination to be fascinated with fire kicked in as the guy (wearing a polo shirt and khakis - doesn't glass blowing require the use of leather aprons? Maybe it was a special kind of Docker ensemble...) created a beautiful bowl while we watched, which he filled with popcorn to show how hot it was. The corn didn't so much pop as immediately catch fire and send a tongue of flame up about 7 inches. Very cool. After creating the pieces, he destroyed them all. Shocking - I was going to offer $20 if he was just going to throw the away, but he didn't seem like he would see the humor in it.
It was an odd mix of older rich people, a redneck looking guy who asked great insightful questions, a, if not drunk, then highly confused woman who clutched a disposable coffee cup and asked mumbled questions about mosaics, and a kid whose parents let him rollerblading back and forth. At a glassblowing demonstration. At a pottery gallery. Thank you freakin' Doctor Spock.

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